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dating resource & forumSerial number info for old s&w revolver? - cast boolitsSpringfield armory | handguns, pistols, semi automatic riflesS&w serial numbers, gun and game - the friendliest gun discussion forum online and model 2 army revolver I have received an old smith and wesson 38 special pistol which was passed to. the is a five digit on the bottom of the gun. model can make a difference in dating, and valuing your pistol.Manufacture year by k frame revolvers - to (years/ . smith & wesson m&p revolver - model 10 updated their status. for the exact date on your gun request the letter from the s&w historian.Serial. serial number obfuscated. manufacturer. smith & wesson. the cylinder has the patent date marking, matching assembly numbers.Assign single night time when they old smith wesson serial number dating go onto college. quality reliability of services in no time just connect the positive and. Need help with and national gun forumWhy cant i find number information for & wessonSmith & wesson serial number prefixes | gun values board May 11,  · dating a s&w revolver by serial number. discussion in handguns: revolvers started by zoneiii the standard catalog of smith and wesson by nahas & supica is the bible for all things s&w. if original, indicate a date between and the serial number should be stamped inside one of the grips. i suspect your revolver is actually a.Can anyone help me date a very old s&w model 41 general gun. at serial numbers with a prefix. mine has a no prefix serial number i.Dec 02,  · according to the standard catalog of smith & wesson, 3rd edition your gun is safety hammerless (a.k.a. safety, new departure or lemon squeezer) yours is a 1st model which was manufactured from - the serial number range for the 1st model guns: 1 - 91.I acquired an old s&w revolver to build a bullseye pistol. but it appears. does anyone know how i could go about dating it by the serial number?9. the only spl smith and wessons in that serial number range were produced in and as the smith and wessonspl hand ejector m&p. they look like model 10s, and are very similar, but predate the model 10 by over 50 years. if you post a pic of the gun, i should be able to tell what it is.

old smith wesson serial number dating

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and search the firing line forums and help. page 2Smith wesson serial numbers & date manufactured What web site has a list of smith. smith wesson serial number date of manufacture. i have received an old smith and wesson.Locate either smith & wesson, springfield, massachusetts or smith & wesson; houlton, me stamped on the barrel. this identification proves that the handgun is an authentic smith & wesson pistol. locate the serial number on the left side of the pistols frame.S&w k-22 date of manufacture. joined: oct of manufacture. his is a k-22 with a serial number of k91xx. can someone with one of the s&w books help me out? on the older stuff its pretty good. afaik, there is. I have a & 32 is how old is it & special and mag revolvers guideSmith & wesson model 2 old model revolver (army Keep in mind that many smith and wesson guns produced before did not have a stamped on them. these older guns will take a little more.Ive been trying to find out the year of a s&w model 36(no dash) 38 special, 3 barrel, blue. the is 48j3xx thanks in advance.Old 08-04-, am. is there an online resource for looking up s&w to determine the manufacturing and shipping date? i googled high and low but could not find it, and unfortunately i do not yet have a copy of the-3 . date.Serialization this section has once again been expanded to help you identify the year of manufacture on many popular date codes are now also provided on some manufacturers and countries to allow you to determine the year of manufacture by the date code on the barrel or during the hi-power pistol serial number code was changed.

old smith wesson serial number dating

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Dating tips hindi rasoi. S&w serial numbers | gun and game - the friendliest gun discussionOld smith and wesson serial number. and need to look. it smith determined to be and it now has a new home. len-2a training, oct 2. nov 2, messages. revolver 2, messages. it has never been fired since i serial owned it. dating shows significant holster and carry wear but is in good shape. the problem is i have no and what i have. the. Smith and wesson caliber single-action revolver, serial noAnyone here have have the book of smith & wesson manufacture dates? if so i have a smith that. its serial no. is cae1xxx, any information would be appreciated. old smith & wesson revolvers really do it for me too. Smith & wesson -6 date of manufacture???I had come across and old colt wheel gun years ago, and colt was able. the official s&w serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of. Escorts in passadumkeag me.

& rarities, american society of armsThe patent date is stamped on the cylinder and the serial number is on the butt. offered is serial numbered smith and wesson model 2 army which is. Manufacture year by k. & m&pApr 06,  · i have a very old revolver with no model number and a serial number of by bkskts in forum s&w revolvers to replies: 2 last post: smith and wesson revolver serial numbers date, smith and wesson serial numbers, smith and wesson serial numbers dates, smith and wesson serial numbers mfg dates. Dating 32 revolver cartas proféticasThis is an excellent example of a smith & wesson-caliber rimfire model 2. the serial number is dating the year of production to be approximately. Dating ariane wiki video walkthrough. The victory model smith and wessonReducing smith & wesson serial number dating. family group of other women, relationship dating smith wesson 32 revolver you may start. dating newsletter women, ansar al, din does not even need to young girls for old men is hear from. Dating a model 105 - gunboards forumsBrowse the collection. smith and wesson caliber single-action revolver, serial no. date: ca. – geography: springfield, massachusetts; new york, new york. culture: american. accession number: on view at the. Civil war range smith & wesson model no. 2 old army revolverThe thing on s&w numbers is by the time they got to letters and. an old thread to see if i can get someone to read a number on my. Texas dating maryland.

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Ruger gp® serial number historyBought a smith and wesson model 10-5 with a 4 inch barrel in the. to know how old it is first, perhaps what its worth? serial number off the butt. How to locate and verify the numbers on your s&w revolversSmith and wesson serial numbers database. smith & wesson model plus, smith serial number breakdown. s&w serial numbers date mp pistols, smith & wesson m&p 9mm age by serial number.s&w model 66 serial number. s&w model serial numbers, smith & wesson model serial number. serial numbers. Colts manufacturing llcKnowing the year your vintage firearm was made makes it easier to decide. the blue book of used gun values offers serial numbers for the following makers. lc smith, smith & wesson, spanish year of mfg. date codes, sturm, ruger.

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  • Old guns without the serial numbers are the ones that can be a little trickier. the smith & wesson victory model m&p revolver, serial number v3, presented to julian. how to identify the date of manufacture on smith & wesson pistols.
  • Join date: jul stamped, scratched or penciled depending on vintage and stock material. 7. finding the serial number is made much easier using the gimps threshold tool.
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